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GE296 Series Warp Knitting Machine

GE296 Series warp knitting machine is quite essential for the production of cut pile fabric, velour and velveteen, which is mainly used in knitting diverse chemical fibers, such as polyamide fiber, acrylic fiber, polypropylene fiber, viscose fiber and etc., and diverse natural fibers, including combed cotton yarn, intimate blend yarn and so on. Meanwhile, it could also be used to knit dyed yarn and plain-color double needle bar fabric.

After undergoing cutting, combing, lustering, dyeing, embossing, gluing and bonding with other fabrics, the finished products can be turned to short pile fabrics (pile height: 1.5-6 mm) or spacer fabrics (height: 2-12mm). All fabrics produced by the warp knitting machine are plush, soft and anti-fall, with a wide application in vehicle cushions, sofa cloths, mattresses, wallpapers, cotton carpets, curtains, shoes and garments.

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Technical Parameters of Warp Knitting Machine

Machine model Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H) Occupied area (mm2) Machine weight (kg) Power of main motor (kw) Max. knitting speed (lines per minute)
GE296-84 " 3886 ×5232 ×3758 3886 ×5627 Approx.13000 5.5 800
GE296-136 " 5251 ×5232 ×3758 5251 ×5627 Approx. 15000 7.5 700
GE296-198 " 6970 ×6150 ×3590 6970 ×6162 Approx.18000 7.5 900
Machine type Double needle bed warp knitting machine
Needle type Latch needle
Working width 2235 mm (88") 3454.4 mm (136") 5029.2 mm (198")
Guide bars 6-7, (brush: 2-3, ground comb: 4)
Machine model E20, E22, E24, E26
Max. distance between separation boards 12mm
Max. winding diameter 1270 mm, winding device: separated type winder
Beam support 6 ×762 or 7 ×762 mm
Horizontal moving device N type guide bar, 4-stroke, 6-stroke chain link or cam
Feeding method Active transmission, passive transmission
Feeding capacity Brush: 2.18-54.52 mm/line, ground comb: 1.94-17.45 mm/line
Stitch density 4.28-31.22 stitches/cm
Max. horizontal movement of brush 32mm

Product features

1. GE296 Series warp knitting machine is one of the major production equipment for double needle bar knitted fabric. It is suitable to knit general chemical fibers and some natural fibers. Meanwhile, the machine has a wide appliance and is able to meet the demands of the quick-changing market.
2. Eccentric rod is adopted in the transmission system of the GE296 Series warp knitting machine, which provides a strong driving force.
3. The machine has diverse knitting methods, and it enables electric yarn knitting and gray fabric treatment.
4. High quality knitting needles;
5. Reasonable knitting motion curve
6. High-strength lightweight material;
7.Long-distance central monitoring system;
8. Intelligent electronic control system;

Main Configurations of Warp Knitting Machine

1. Machine Frame
The entire frame of the knitted fabric equipment is welded from steel plates, including three main parts, machine body, wall and beam.

2. Transmission System
With an ideal combination of variable-frequency motor and imported belt, the transmission system guarantees smooth knitting and reliable yarn feeding.

3. Winding System
The winding system is composed of two latch needle beds, two needle groove plates, two sinker bars, six or seven guide bars and latch wires. Plus, the guide bar is driven by an eccentric link unit.

4. Horizontal Moving System
The horizontal movement of guide bars is driven by a four-stroke chain wheel or a high speed cam. As for the horizontal movement of ground comb and brush depends on the combined work of four-stroke chain wheel or high speed cam.

5. Yarn Feeding System
Integrating active transmission and passive transmission, the yarn feeding system provides constant feeding, uniform tension and powerful feeding capacity. The EBA feeding system adopts advanced computer and electronic control technology, leading to easy operation, accurate control, excellent printing effect, little energy consumption and low noise.

6. Traction System
By using a four-roll traction machine and an electrical length measuring device, the fabric material is delivered in a smooth and accuracy fashion. In addition, the traction speed can be adjusted by changing the gear.

7. Winding System
The batch type winding device is driven by an efficient motor and makes sure that the winding speed is same to the linear velocity of winding roll. The winding device also provides uniform tension which will not be affected by the change of winding diameter. Plus, the maximum winding diameter is 1270mm.

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