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Rotary Screen Printing (CD Series Textile Printing Machine)

CD series rotary screen printing machine is a type of magnetic textile printing machine possessing a repeat size of 640mm-1206mm. Till now, we have manufactured and sold more than 600 sets to clients all around the world.


CD series textile printing machine could be used to print natural fabrics, chemical fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

Specifications of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Application Printing on natural fabrics, chemical fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
Fabric weight 50g/m2-600g/m2
Printing width 1850mm(200 model)
2050mm(220 model)
2200mm(240 model)
2400mm(260 model)
2600mm(280 model)
2800mm(300 model)
3000mm(320 model)
3200mm(340 model)
Printing colors 8 color printing
10 color printing
12 color printing
14 color printing
16 color printing
20 color printing
24 color printing
Repeat size 640mm/ 820mm/ 914mm/ 1018mm/ 1168mm
Printing speed 4-80m/min
Type of screen head driving Independent transmission
Registering accuracy ±0.1mm
Registering adjustment range Vertical: Unlimited, horizontal: ± 10mm, diagonal: ±5mm
Drying method Three-layer four-outlet hot air drying system
Chamber of the dryer 2-7 chambers, compact type, loose type
Heat source Steam thermal oil natural gas
Fabric-entry and fabric-exit model Open-width
Machine type Left hand type / Right hand type
Compressed air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Water pressure ≥0.3Mpa
Configurations Fabric feeding device, printing system, drying system and doffing device.

Feature of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

1. The printing head has an open structure, simplifying the mounting and dismounting work and saving labor cost.
2. The magnetic platform is firm and durable and the magnetic rod offers stepless adjustment, suitable for fabrics with different weights.
3. With a human-computer interface, the control system is easy to operate.
4. Due to the automatic malfunction detecting function, it's easy and quick to locate and resolve machine problems.
5. The servo motor offers independent transmission, ensuring precise and reliable automatic registering.
6. The rotary screen can be lifted up from one side, easy to clean up and maintain.
7. Less waste and pollutants are discharged to the environment, thanks to the waste collection device.
8. Configured with globally-imported parts, the rotary screen printing system is reliable and stable.

Detail Pictures of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

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