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    1. Rotary Screen Printing (2188 Series Textile Printing Machine)
      The rotary screen printing machine consists of four unit; fabric entry,printing unit,drying unit and fabric exit, which are separately driven by four AC motor with frequency conversion.
      Application: Natural fabrics, chemical fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
    1. Rotary Screen Printing (CD Series Textile Printing Machine)
      CD series rotary screen printing machine is a type of magnetic textile printing machine possessing a repeat size of 640mm-1206mm. Till now, we have manufactured and sold more than 600 sets to clients all around the world. The printing head has an open structure, simplifying the mounting and dismounting work and saving labor cost. The magnetic platform is firm and durable and the magnetic rod offers stepless adjustment, suitable for fabrics with different weights.
    1. Flat Screen Printing Machine (DH Series Textile Printing Machine)
      The high quality of printing machine helps to increase the cost efficiency as well as the competitiveness of finished fabric products. Now, we have accumulated sufficient experience in printing machine manufacture and developed this flat screen printing machine.
      Application: Natural fabrics, chemical fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
    1. Rotary Screen Printing Machine (6188 Series Textile Printing Machine)
      The single-beam structure is patented for there is no need to sends the printing platform up and down, effectively enhancing the stability and printing accuracy. Installed inside the beam, the patented printing motor avoids chromatic aberration caused by blocked sizing agent, protects the reduction gear and servo motor from corrosion and damage, and increases the reliability and lifespan. The printing bearing is surface bearing and is designed with a lubricating hole on the top, prolonging the service life by 3-4 times.
    1. Rotary Screen Printing Machine (CD-C Series Textile Printing Machine)
      CD C series textile printing machine is applicable to print woven fabric, knitted fabric, natural fabric, chemical fabric and blend fabric.
      Open type printing head, magnetic textile printing.
      PC controlled system based on national standard CAN-BUS. Independent driven servo motor.
    1. Rotary Screen Printing Machine(YD Series Textile Printing Machine)
      Printing table and rotary screen is 10° incline to horizontal plane. Pulp keeps recycling when printing, ensuring freshness of paste and avoiding crossing color.
      Magnetic table with permanent magnet, which save power and avoid magnet table deforming when heating.
    1. Wallpaper Printing Embossing Line
      The wallpaper printing line integrates multiple functions together and provides process procedures including coating, printing, particle spreading, flocking, foaming and embossing, etc. The wallpaper printer is ideally appropriate for the rotary screen printing, gravure printing and flexo printing of various middle-grade and high-grade wallpapers. The wallpaper printing system is designed with two workstations, each of which can be installed with two printheads (rotary screen, gravure and flexo type).
    1. GET Series Warp Knitting Machine
      1. Typical feed materials are dacron, polypropylene, acrylic fiber, spandex, rayon, cotton, wool and chemical fiber.
      2. Weave patterns: plain weave, satin weave, twill, mini jacquard
      3. Applications: Garments, home textile, interior decoration, shoes, bags, suitcases, auto decoration, industrial fabrics, coated fabrics.
    1. GE296 Series Warp Knitting Machine
      After undergoing cutting, combing, lustering, dyeing, embossing, gluing and bonding with other fabrics, the finished products can be turned to short pile fabrics (pile height: 1.5-6 mm) or spacer fabrics (height: 2-12mm). All fabrics produced by the warp knitting machine are plush, soft and anti-fall, with a wide application in vehicle cushions, sofa cloths, mattresses, wallpapers, cotton carpets, curtains, shoes and garments.
    1. JFA Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine
      JFA stenter machine is developed with an open-width feeding device (exclusive for knitted fabrics), lubrication-free graphite channel and CAD nozzle system. It's well suited for fabrics with a gram weight of 50—500g/m2, including polyester filament yarn, low-stretch knitted fabric, cotton fabric and more. The fabric feeding system consists of fabric feed rack, tension control device, E+L centering device, stentering device and rolling device. It often works with feeding devices for knitted fabrics manufacture.
    1. JXB Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine
      JXB stenter machine is outfitted with a fabric centering device (exclusive for woven fabrics), high-strength cast iron channel and easy-to-clean drying oven. A wide application of JXB stenter setting machine is found in 80—600g/m2 weight fabrics, including but not limited to natural fibers, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. In short, the drying chamber provides a capacious internal space, easy maintenance and repair, smooth air venting, low tar and low fire rate.