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    1. Rotary Screen Printing Machine (Tengyun Series Textile Printing Machine)
      One outstanding feature of Tengyun series rotary screen printing machine lies in its large repeat size—2412mm. If you are looking for continuous printing solution with fast speed and large repeat size, Tengyun series is an optimal choice for you! This rotary screen printing system is a good alternative of flat screen printing machine, with a large repeat size and fast printing speed. The repeat size can be customized, 1280mm, 1320mm, 1450mm, 1500mm, 1680mm and 2412mm.
    1. Fabric Wallcovering Printing Drying Line
      The printing unit and drying chamber both have a modular design and are able to flexibly match depending on customer's demands. The maximum overprinting colors are six types. To guarantee the registering precision, belt and imported servo motor are applied while delivering fabrics. The printing unit adopts a closed type single-beam lifting structure and the motor is built in the beam to eliminate electrical failure caused by water leakage.
    1. JXC Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine
      JXC Series fabric finishing stenter machine is characterized by low energy consumption and fast drying speed, gaining high recognition among customers both at home and abroad. A wide application of this textile equipment is found in many types of fabrics, like knitted fabrics, and woven fabrics.