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Flat Screen Printing Machine (DH Series Textile Printing Machine)

The high quality of printing machine helps to increase the cost efficiency as well as the competitiveness of finished fabric products. Now, we have accumulated sufficient experience in printing machine manufacture and developed this flat screen printing machine.

Specifications of Flat Screen Printing Machine

Application Printing on natural fabrics, chemical fabrics, knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
Fabric weight 50g/m2-350g/m2
Printing width 1630mm (180 model)
1830mm (200 model)
2030mm (220 model)
2230mm (240model)
2430mm (260 model)
2630mm (280model)
2830mm (300model)
3030mm (320model)
3230mm (340model)
Printing colors 8 color printing
10 color printing
12 color printing
14 color printing
16 color printing
Repeat size 400mm to 3000mm
Printing speed 26 m/min(standard repeat)
Type of screen head driving Servo motor
Registering accuracy ±0.1mm
Drying method Three-layer four-outlet hot air drying system
Chamber of the dryer 4 chambers
Heat source for drying Vapor / hot oil / fuel gas
Fabric-entry and fabric-exit model Open-width
Machine type Left hand type / Right hand type
Compressed air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Water pressure ≥0.3Mpa
Configurations Fabric feeding device, printing system, drying system and doffing device.

Feature of Flat Screen Printing Machine

1. DH Series textile printing machine is fully automatic, which enables an automatic feeding, automatic printing, automatic drying and automatic doffing.

2. Fabric in-feed system of the textile printing machine features smooth feeding and no tension generated. Besides that, the machine enables an even sizing for the magnetic platform and a fabric bonding for the guide belt.

3. Digital dual-servo-motor and guide belt locating system ensures high-accuracy positioning and high-precision printing.

4. Printing stroke, speed and direction could be chosen freely. Meanwhile, stepless adjustment for scrapper’s speed is available, which enables a stable and precise printing.

5. Frame of DH Series textile printing machine could  be adjusted. And registration control system is well installed, which allows for a high registering accuracy.

6. Servo motor is adopted to control printing frame’s lifting. It enables an accurate lifting for its frame.

7. Control bus and touch screen are all adopted as the control system of the machine. The design allows for a simple installation and clear abnormality display. Meanwhile, the control system also provides much convenience for machine maintenance.

8. DH Series textile printing machine has a wide appliance, which could be used to print diverse textiles. Besides that, the machine also has a large printing capacity – 26 meter for a single minute (standard printing pattern).

9. A self-cleaning device is installed on its guide belt, which removes ink and fluff from the belt and make it a clean one.

Detail Pictures of Flat Screen Printing Machine

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