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Rotary Screen Printing Machine (6188 Series Textile Printing Machine)

Specifications of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Printing width 1620mm (180A)
1650mm (180B)
1850mm (200)
2050mm (220)
2250mm (240)
2400mm (260)
2450mm (265)
2600mm (280)
2650mm (285)
2800mm (300)
2850mm (305)
Printing workstation 2
Printing colors 8 Color Printing
10 Color Printing
12 Color Printing
14 Color Printing
16 Color Printing
Repeat size 640mm
Standard speed 4-100m/min
Machine type Left hand type / Right hand type
Printing method Scraper/ magnetic rod
Type of screen head driving Independent transmission
Registering accuracy ±0.1mm
Registering adjustment range Vertical: Unlimited, horizontal: ± 10mm, diagonal: ±3mm
Chamber of the dryer Normal type, loose type
Heat source Vapor, heat transfer oil, liquefied gas or natural gas
Working temperature of drying chamber 130 ℃ (heat transfer oil or fuel gas) / 110 ℃ (vapor)

Power System of Rotary Screen Print Machine

Machine power supply 380VAC(±5%) 50Hz 3PHASES
Lighting power supply 220VAC(±5%) 50Hz 1PHASE
Protection degree IP54
Grounding mode TN-S
Total power ≈96kw

Other Parameters

Compressed air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Water pressure >0.2Mpa
Environmental temperature 15 ℃ to 40 ℃
Relative humidity 50-80%

Advantages of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

1. A patented single-beam lifting structure is adopted, so there is no need to lift the printing platform. The design effectively enhances the operation stability and printing accuracy of the machine.
2. A printing head driver is installed inside the beam, which well avoids chromatic aberration caused by blocked sizing agent, and protects the reduction gear and servo motor from corrosion and damage. Meanwhile, the design also helps to increases the reliability and lifespan of the textile printing machine. Adopting a printing head driver within beams is one of Jilong’s patented technologies. 
3. Plane bearing is adopted for its printing head. Meanwhile, there is no oil fill hole located on the top of plane bearing. The design helps to prolong the bearing’s service life by 3-4 times.
4. Another patented part of the rotary screen printer is the enclosed chuck. It prevents the sizing agent from blocking the screen, and reduces maintenance work and cost.
5. The operation panel of printing head adopts one-piece waterproof design, which avoids water from percolating through the box. Therefore, it reduces the malfunction rate of the machine and increases its reliability.
6. Jilong has newly developed a sizing agent delivery structure, which helps to provide a clean and eco-friendly printing. Meanwhile, the design helps to reduces the contamination of size agent to printing platform and belt, and provides much convenience for machine maintenance.
7. Two sizing methods are offered, by scraper or magnetic platform. And customer could choose one from them according their requirement and preference. 
8. The washing device adopts a drawer-type structure, allowing for effortless adjustment and cleaning. For better water removal effect, another water scraper is added.
9. A circular water cooling system and a cooling tower are all installed on the magnetic platform of the rotary screen machine, which effectively prevents the platform deformation caused by overheating.

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