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Rotary Screen Printing Machine (YD Series Textile Printing Machine)

Technical Parameters of Rotary Screen Printing Machine
1. Model: YD series
2. Printing width(mm): 180/1650, 200/2050, 245/2250, 265/2450, 285/2650, 300/2800, 305/2850, 325/3050
3. Nominal speed(m/min): 5-100
4. Colors: 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16
5. Circumference of cylindrical screen (mm): 640, 820
6. Machine Type: left or right
7. Woven knitting fabric flat infeed, or flat infeed both woven and knitting fabric.
8. Heat source: low pressure steam< 1.0 MPa, medium pressure steam 1.0~4.0 MPa, thermal oil, natural gas
9. Power equipped(200 wide fabric, 5 sectional drying chamber): 135 kw

Features of Rotary Screen Printing Machine
1. Printing table and rotary screen is 10° incline to horizontal plane. Pulp keeps recycling when printing, ensuring freshness of paste and avoiding crossing color.
2. Magnetic table with permanent magnet, which save power and avoid magnet table deforming when heating.
3. Screen head on past bump side is made by bear basement with spring, which extend service life of screen and make it convenient to clean.
4. Vertical and horizontal register parts are made by stainless steel.
5. Frame of washing part is made by stainless steel, which avoid problems caused by frame stain.
6. Automatic washing function on the machine(optional) can wash screen, pulp transporting pipe, magnetic bar, etc. automatically, saving power, time and labor.
7. Blanket running channel to ensure printing blanket run stably.
8. Blanket washing device combine with foam, brush, PU blade and magnetic bar, etc., ensuring good washing station.
9. Optional loose or tight type drying.

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