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GET Series Warp Knitting Machine

Features of Warp Knitting Machines

1. Typical feed materials are dacron, polypropylene, acrylic fiber, spandex, rayon, cotton, wool and chemical fiber.
2. Weave patterns: plain weave, satin weave, twill, mini jacquard
3. Applications: Garments, home textile, interior decoration, shoes, bags, suitcases, auto decoration, industrial fabrics, coated fabrics.

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Technical Parameters of Warp Knitting Machine

Machine type High speed single needle bed warp knitting machine
Needle type Groove needle
Working width 3454mm (136"), 4724mm (186"), 5537mm (218"), 5791mm (228")
Guide bars 2, 3, 4
Machine model E28, E32
Main transmission Frequency control
Max. winding diameter 635mm
Beam support 2 (3, 4) ×762 mm, separated type
Horizontal moving device Cam system/ electrical system
Yarn feeding EBA feeding system, EWA winding system
Feeding capacity 50-6000mm/line
Stitch density 3-60 stitches / cm
Environmental temperature 24 ℃±2 ℃

Product features

1. The transmission system of GET Series warp knitting machine is crankshaft transmission, which features energy conservation and noise reduction.
2. The machine has diverse knitting methods, and it enables electric yarn knitting and gray fabric treatment.
3. High quality knitting needles;
4. High-strength lightweight material;
5. Long-distance central monitoring system;
6. Intelligent electronic control system;
7. The combination of high accuracy and high efficiency;
8. Super-high appliance.

Main Configurations of Warp Knitting Machines

1. Machine Frame
The machine frame has a firm welded structure and is manufactured based on many times of computer analysis, leading to high mechanical strength and high resistance to vibration. Not only that, the machine wall is thickened, which dampens the vibration and increase the operation stability. With a compact structure, the warp knitting machine has a small occupied area and a machine spacing distance of 0.5 meters.

2. Transmission System
With a variable-frequency drive and reasonable design, the home textile knitting system provides low running current, slow temperature increase, concise layout, high efficiency of reduction gear and transmission belt and low noise.

3. Knitting System
The knitting system has an integrated structure and undergoes high-precision casting program. The spindle has an advanced design, with low accumulative error and high accuracy. The digital temperature control device also eliminates the influence of temperature on knitting precision.

4. Crankshaft Structure
In comparison to the traditional eccentric link, the crankshaft structure uses precisely forged connecting rod and aluminum alloy rocker arm, and decreases the motion acceleration, rotary inertia and vibration of machine. For the shaft lubrication system, the imported bearing has low energy consumption and reduces the consumption to the lowest possible. As for the patented rocker arm, it provides high rigidity, thus assuring reliable machine operation and high process precision.

5. Winding System
Many functional components are applied in the winding system. For example, the reasonably-designed winding device provides a broad knitting range. The hollow high-strength high-rigidity and light-weight alloy material enhances the rigidity of needle bed. The precisely forged swing arm, suspended frame and carbon fiber material reduce the motion inertia and dynamic load.

6. Electrical Yarn Feeding System
The EBA feeding system makes the knitting work easy to control and precise. Combining a remote centralized monitoring system, the yarn knitting equipment realizes digital management. The precision of feeding system is 1mm/line.

7. GET Horizontal Moving System
(a) The 12" touchscreen shows manufacture data and provides user-friendly operation.
(b) Adopting large-power AC servo motor and ball screw, the max. horizontal movement at a time is 12 stitches and the accumulated horizontal movement is 42 needles. The knitting machine is well suited for knitting large-size pattern fabrics (Horizontal: over 2000 stitches).
(c) The EL control system can work with a warp knitting machine that has a highest speed of 1200 r/min.
(d) With breakdown protection function, the knitting machinery ensures no yarn breakage and pattern disorder.
(e) Manufacture data are collection, such as production quantity, stop position, shutdown times, feeding parameters, etc.

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