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Wallpaper Printing Embossing Line

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The wallpaper printing line integrates multiple functions together and provides process procedures including coating, printing, particle spreading, flocking, foaming and embossing, etc. The wallpaper printer is ideally appropriate for the rotary screen printing, gravure printing and flexo printing of various middle-grade and high-grade wallpapers.

Production workflow
Unwinding – Paper feeding and deviation correction – coating – printing – foaming – embossing and cooling – trimming – detection – rewinding

Technical Parameters of Wallpaper Printing Embossing Line

Application Printing on paper base, PVC, non-woven paper
Max. printing width 850mm (085 model)
1200mm (120 model)
Max. material width 850mm, 1200mm
Printing types Rotary screen printing,
Gravure printing,
Flexo printing
Printhead Single or double printhead
Printing workstation 4–15 stations
Repeat size of rotary screen printing 530mm/640mm/819mm/914mm
Repeat size of gravure printing 530mm/537mm/600mm/640mm
Standard speed 0-100m/min
Max. paper tension 4N/cm
Min. paper tension 1N/cm
Operation direction Right / left
Knife direction Right / left
Overprinting accuracy ± 0.2mm
Registering accuracy ± 0.15mm
Registering adjustment range Vertical: Unlimited, horizontal: ± 10mm, diagonal: ±3mm
Heat source Heat transfer oil, medium-pressure steam, natural gas, coal gas
Printing drying chamber Double-layer/ single-layer
Foaming drying chamber 4-8 chambers

Features of Wallpaper Printing Equipment

1. The wallpaper printing system is designed with two workstations, each of which can be installed with two printheads (rotary screen, gravure and flexo type). During the manufacture process, the printhead switch can be done without turning off the wallpaper printing line. This is our patented technology.
2. Multiple functions are provided, like particle spreading, flocking, foaming and embossing. Customers are free to choose the certain processes for the manufacture of wallpapers with different styles.
3. Both rotary screen printhead and gravure printhead are patented. The rotary screen printhead adopts double-side drive. One side is pneumatic drive for paper stretching while the other side is hydraulic drive for horizontal adjustment. The rotary screen printhead ensures stable operation and precision printing. As for the gravure printhead, it implements an ink circular system, effectively avoiding chromatic aberration caused by ink sediment.
4. The flexo printing system makes use of advance rubber rolls, realizing seamless printing and flexible overprinting of flexo printing and rotary screen printing, flexo printing and gravure printing.
5. Another patented part is the cooling roll. Developed with a double-layer liner and a helical waterway structure, the cooling roll sucks water from one end and discharges water from the other end, providing fast cooling speed and high cooling efficiency.
6. With the combination of full-servo electric shaft drive system, imported servo motor and imported reduction gear, the wall paper printing equipment provides accurate registering and reliable operation.
7. The sectional type tension control technology and imported tension sensor help to achieve close-loop tension control and constantly stable tension.
8. The imported registering system contributes to high registering precision.
9. Thanks to the application of digital printing technology and color sensing technology, the wallpaper printing line realizes automatic registering.
10. Every printing unit is equipped with a human-machine touchscreen and central console, allowing for automatic detection, fast locating, independent operation and detailed data display.

Main Configurations of Wallpaper Printing Machine

1. Full-servo electric shaft drive system (established upon Ethernet)

2. BECKHOFF programmable logic controller

3. Italy RE registering system and tension sensor

4. Emerson servo motor and Alpha reducer

5. SICK color sensor

6. Schneider low-voltage products

7. Frequency changer

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