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Fabric Wallcovering Printing Drying Line

Scope of Printing Application
1. Multi-color rotary screen printing of textiles
2. Multi-color rubber printing of textiles
3. Multi-color flock printing of textiles
4. Multi-color wallpaper printing
5. Multi-color wallpaper flock printing

Process Steps: Printing—drying—printing—drying.

Specifications of Wallpaper Printing Equipment

Max. printing width 3200mm
Overprinting colors 4 color printing
5 color printing
6 color printing
7 color printing
8 color printing

Characteristics of Wallpaper Printing Equipment

1. The printing unit and drying chamber both have a modular design and are able to flexibly match depending on customer's demands. The maximum overprinting colors are six types.
2. To guarantee the registering precision, belt and imported servo motor are applied while delivering fabrics.
3. The printing unit adopts a closed type single-beam lifting structure and the motor is built in the beam to eliminate electrical failure caused by water leakage. The horizontal and diagonal registering is manually controlled by a rotary knob, which is reliable, easy to operate and labor saving.
4. Specially designed, the patented scraper can cools down the sizing agent, which effectively avoids the screen blockage by sizing.
5. Two printing methods are designed, scraper printing and magnetic rod printing, to better satisfy manufacture demands for coating and foaming.

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