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JFA Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine

Drying room of different drying chambers (6-10) are available in Jilong, which is suitable for fabric drying and fabric finishing sentering. With proper configuration, the finishing senter machine could be used for all the fabrics.

JFA stenter machine is developed with an open-width feeding device (exclusive for knitted fabrics), lubrication-free graphite channel and CAD nozzle system. It's well suited for fabrics with a gram weight of 50—500g/m2, including polyester filament yarn, low-stretch knitted fabric, cotton fabric and more.

Technical Parameters of Stenter Machine

Application Knitted fabrics, woven fabrics
Model 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340
Max. working width 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2400mm 2600mm 2800mm 3000mm 3200mm
Min. working width 600mm
Drying chamber 6-10 chambers
Max. drying temperature 220 ℃
Process speed 5-100m/min, 7.5-150m/min
Over-feed range -10%~+80%

Attractive Features of Stenter Machine

1. Fabric Feeding System
The fabric feeding system consists of fabric feed rack, tension control device, E+L centering device, stentering device and rolling device. It often works with feeding devices for knitted fabrics manufacture. Plus, a weft straightener is optional.

2. Control Console
The control console is easy and convenient to operate, time saving and labor saving.

3. Over-Feed Adjustment Device
In consideration of over feeding situations, the adjustment device is able to handle different overload work and is suitable for various types of textile. Plus, the over-feed roll adopts a sliding design, easy to operate.

Various E+L selvedge uncurlers are offered

4. Energy-Saving Drying Chamber
Adopting double air channel circular design, the drying chamber makes full use of thermal energy transferred by the heat exchanger. With the assistance of a CAD nozzle, fabrics are suspended in the drying chamber.

Heat supply: Heat transfer oil, fuel gas and vapor

5. Cutting Device
The cutting device controls the fabric edge to 10 mm, greatly reducing fabric waste, meanwhile, improving the machine efficiency.

6. Fabric Width Adjustment
Each adjustment lead screw can be independently or unitedly adjusted via the operation panel. Besides, the fabric moving speed in the drying chamber can also be set.

7. Control System
High-efficiency and energy-saving electric elements are used in the control system, like Siemens low-voltage control element and Lenze servo controller. All drivers are equipped with feedback system and independent cooling system. External air conditioners are also used to keep constant temperature inside the control cabinet, ensuring normal operation and a long lifespan of electric elements.

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