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JXB Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine

JXB stenter machine is outfitted with a fabric centering device (exclusive for woven fabrics), high-strength cast iron channel and easy-to-clean drying oven. A wide application of JXB stenter setting machine is found in 80—600g/m2 weight fabrics, including but not limited to natural fibers, chemical fibers and blended fabrics.


Application Printing on knitted fabrics, woven fabrics
Model 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340
Max. working width 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2400mm 2600mm 2800mm 3000mm 3200mm
Min. working width 600mm
Drying chamber 6-10 chambers
Max. drying temperature 220 ℃
Process speed 5-100m/min, 10-120m/min
Over-feed range -20%~+50%
Drying chambers 6 7 8 9 10
Length of drying chamber (mm) 18000 21000 24000 27000 30000
Machine length (mm) 36920 39920 42920 45920 48920
Machine width (mm) 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200 3400
Fabric width (mm) 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2600 3000 3200
Width of drying chamber (mm) 4155 4355 4555 4755 4955 5155 5355 5555
  • Water Cooled Roller
  • Motor Control
  • Drying Chamber

Main Configurations

  • Hot oil type and vapor type drying chamber
  • Fuel gas type drying chamber
  • Tuyere

Drying Chamber
Drying room of different chamber number (6-10) is available, which is suitable for fabric drying and fabric finishing sentering. With proper configuration, the finishing senter machine could be used for all the fabrics.

In order to increase its efficiency, JXB Series fabric finishing stenter machine adopts a redesigned chamber structure, which enables a higher production capacity by 30%. Besides that, motor, cooling fin and radiator are all located interrelatedly, which prevents the temperature deviation, and features wide appliance, large interior space, easy maintenance. Besides that, the machine has a separated exhaust structure, which enables smooth air exhaust, small quantity of tar, and reduces the possibility of fire.

In order to improve the working efficiency, Jilong has improved chamber’s structure. Moreover, heat circulating fan and heat exchanger are installed face to face, which also helps to prevent the temperature deviation. Besides that, there is an ventilation door installed on air box for emergency stop, which prevents the production of poor-quality textiles.

Moreover, drying chamber has a capacious internal space, which enables an easy maintenance and cleaning. Besides that, there is also a 150mm thermal insulation plate on the machine, which is of advanced structure and technologies.

In short, the drying chamber provides a capacious internal space, easy maintenance and repair, smooth air venting, low tar and low fire rate. Therefore, the textile finishing machinery is an ideal choice for fixing and drying a broad variety of fabrics.

Cooling Drum
The drum has an excellent cooling effect and high durability. The number of drum can be designed upon request.

Over-Feed System
With the application of a cylinder-type lifting wheel, the over-feed system is simply easy to operate. The lifting unit obtains force mainly from self-weight and cylinder, capable to meet many operation demands. The variable frequency motor ensures precise flexible adjustment and control to over-feed fabrics, with an over-feed range of -20%~+50%.

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