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Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine

    1. JFA Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine
      JFA stenter machine is developed with an open-width feeding device (exclusive for knitted fabrics), lubrication-free graphite channel and CAD nozzle system. It's well suited for fabrics with a gram weight of 50—500g/m2, including polyester filament yarn, low-stretch knitted fabric, cotton fabric and more. The fabric feeding system consists of fabric feed rack, tension control device, E+L centering device, stentering device and rolling device. It often works with feeding devices for knitted fabrics manufacture.
    1. JXB Series Fabric Finishing Stenter Machine
      JXB stenter machine is outfitted with a fabric centering device (exclusive for woven fabrics), high-strength cast iron channel and easy-to-clean drying oven. A wide application of JXB stenter setting machine is found in 80—600g/m2 weight fabrics, including but not limited to natural fibers, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. In short, the drying chamber provides a capacious internal space, easy maintenance and repair, smooth air venting, low tar and low fire rate.

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