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Rotary Screen Printing Machine (CD-C Series Textile Printing Machine)

CD C series textile printing machine is applicable to print woven fabric, knitted fabric, natural fabric, chemical fabric and blend fabric.

Technical Parameter
1. Printing width: 1450mm~3050mm
2. Printing colors: 4~16 color printing
3. Repeat size (mm): 640,726,820,914,1018,1206,1280,1320,1450,1500,1680
4. Registering accuracy: ±0.1mm
5. Printing speed: 4~80M/min

1. Open type printing head, magnetic textile printing.
2. PC controlled system based on national standard CAN-BUS. Independent driven servo motor.
3. HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) operation table, allowing the displaying and filing for various data (speed, temperature, registration parameter, magnetic squeegee pressure, running status...etc.)
4. Automatic malfunction detecting system is introduced for easier and prompter location and solving of machine problems.
5. Operating table could be cooled by water circulating.
5. Fabric weight: 50g/M2~600g/㎡

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